Nationwide Sales distributors Recruit

GLAMI Co. Ltd, establishes nation-wide sales networks and constantly develops its capacity.
Nationwide Discount Stores/ CVS
Nationwide Discount Stores/ CVS
105 Sales Distributors in Korea
105 Sales Distributors in Korea
GLAMI Co., Ltd. is recruiting a partner who will lead human health in 21st century with trust and dignity together.
Business Introduction
Glami’s Dawn808 won a series of international awards – many of which are grand prizes – from major international invention and technology contests and fairs, Korea Marketing Best Award, New millennium best award and so forth. In addition, Dawn 808 was ranked on first in the area of convenient stores in 2007, 2008. This product as hangover solution has been popular and the most be loving in Korea.
All of products in Glami have been patented not just in Korea but also in 11 different countries included in Europe where is well known as the most complicated to patent register. We do not use any of preservatives but use 100% of natural ingredients.
Besides Dawn 808, there are Damina 909 natural seasoning Yuckhyang, burn treatment Dende and so on loved by people.
With all these effects and advantages, Galmi is now recrueting a branch office as a partner.
Branch Distributors System
Branch Distributors System
requisite to branch offices
Who are able to pay for goods, to be enthusiastic to the business or experienced distribution enterprise or unexperienced too
Necessity to branch office
payment for products, office, signboard, official bus, contract,and other related papers
Department in charge
Sales and Marketing Department (080) 4073-808
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