CEO Greeting


Glami will strive harder to realize the dream of extending life spans to the delight of all mankind.

chairman’s message
I would like to take this opportunity to extend sincere greetings to you.
in 1996, Glami was founded to contribute to the world class of health system based on differentiated technology and internationally approved patents.
A corporation will fulfill social responsibility and cooperates with needs of customers. Glami has been honored with 16 times of international invention exhibition as a
“Glami vows to make core capacity based on patents”
in the future, food industry is no more competence among nations but it competes among individuals or companies. Thus, food industry competence is more intensified in the global level.
Not only foods are tested and competed on the basis of global standard but also any other products.
You have been experienced technology that previously has been solely imported with expensive royalty. this is because of companies lack of willingness to develop new technology or core techniques. now, Global market has been drastically changing. As a result, food industry has been opened to the generation of patents.

By continuing research and development investment, the company developes the key technology and the technology propels the company toward going global.
Glami has been practiced to invent products with this value and finally achieved one of the products which is Dawn 808.
Glami will constantly prepare for the future and continue to contribute to the health of humanity throughout the world. please continue to support.
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