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Q. What is Dawn 808?
A. Dawn 808 is an invention patent product that is a revolutionary natural herb tea for relief of hangovers. Dawn 808 is not only patented in Korea but also other 11 countries such as Japan, China, Canada, Europe.
Q. Dawn 808 is safe to drink?
A. Dawn 808 is safe and nature friendly product that is manufactured with patent technology . Major ingredients of Dawn 808 are extracts from leaves, stems and roots of alder trees and mountain-ash trees widely grown.
Q. What is the direction of drinking Dawn 808?
A. ou can drink anytime before or after drinking. Drinking 30 minutes before and anytime after drinks are recommended.
Q. What are the ingredients?
A. Its main ingredients are alder, mountain ash, the root of an arrowroot, jujube, licorice, gourd, honey and so on. These ingredients are solely from natural resource and mixed with proportion under patented technology.
Q. What do I do to purchase big quantity?
A. If you call on 080-4073-808, the line will be connected close branch office.

Glami Yukhyang

Q. What is the use of Glami Yukhyang?
A. Glami Yukhyang is a 100% natural ingredients comes from Korean agricultural products. It removes bad smell when you cook and improve its distinct flavor of foods.

* Meats – remove burnt smell
* Fish – remove fishy smell
* In grealing – reduce smoke
* In cooking – taste light due to burning fat
* Kimchie – remove stale smell

Q. What are the ingredients of Yuckhyang?
A. Glami Yukhyang is a 100% natural spice made mainly of garlic, ginger and licorice. It enhances taste and flavor of meat and fish while removing their smell.
Q. How long does it take to get rid of bad smell when you cook?
A. Normally, Yuckhyang removes bad smell 100% within 5 minutes.
Q. How much do I use?
A. You can use small portion in every cooking. when you cook meat, put 1 table spoon of Yuckhyang on 1.2kg of meat. When you cook fish, put 1table spoon on 1kg of fish. In boiling, put 1table spoon of Yuckhyang on 1.2kg of meat with 200cc of water.
Q. What is the expiration date?
A. It is 2years.
Q. Is there preservatives in Yuckhyang?
A. Preservatives are never included in any of products in GLAMI Co., Ltd.
Q. Is Yuckhyang patented product?
A. Absolutely, GLAMI Yuckhyang is a product that is registered as inventing product patented in Korea and Japan.
Q. Where do I purchase Glami Yuckhyang?
A. We only sell this product to franchised business or markets related to foods. If you need desperately call on 080-4073-808, then we are able to arrange it.
If you can not find the answers of your questions, please e-mail us then we will respond immediately.(master@glami.com)
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