Business Philosophy

Using the best innovations and the accumulation of techniques, GLAMI Co., Ltd devotes itself to producing only the finest commodities with natural ingredients.
The idea of “being passionate, being honest and being devoted” promotes company staff to provide good quality of service and valued products for customers’ healthy.

Improving company competitiveness based on developing new technology

Korea has been paying billion dollars of money to other countries because of no patent-oriented technology. Every corporators should pay royalty to make use of the patented technology. korea is definitely a developed country but in terms of patents, most of patented technology comes from the united states of America, Japan and so on. As a result, payment of 36 billion dollars is paid to the intellectual property rights included royalty for patent. In korea, semiconductor and cellphone industries are well developed but the more we sell these products the more we are paying for the royalty. Not only the patent affects international and domestic markets but also it conducts to evaluate the competitiveness of a country. In order to be a leader in international market and to develop national economy, a company should develop patent technology as a driving force and explore new research areas.

unlimited competition, winner of patent wars

Quiet technological warfare, patent war have been deepened in the world situation. Currently, patent wars between korea and Japan, Japan and America in international level or between companies or individuals in domestic level. Thus the winner of the patent war possibly dominates the world economy in the future. Possessing leading-edge technology patented enables to dominate global economy.
Advanced countries have planned and effectively coped with those needs since the beginning of 1990s, but Korea is still shows inadequate capacity. However, GLAMI Co., Ltd has continued to develop new technology and concentrated on patented technology since the beginning of 1990s, and with these efforts, it becomes patent-oriented enterprise. Since GLAMI Co., Ltd is the winner of the patent war, it facilitates to get a leap toward leading the health and wellbeing humanity.

Business confidence

It is very important for a company to have high level of consumer confidence to conduct the business. In industry-oriented society, company simply produces and provides what the market in needs. However, in service-oriented society, company not only produces and provides products but also satisfies customer’s requirements. Information and communication technological developments help customers to be fulfilled and content with their needs. In other words, customers’ complaints could affect the destiny of the company. A corporation should provide dignity toward consumers, fulfill demands of customers, and concentrate on consumer’s needs to be satisfied.
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