Cheolwon Head Office Direction

Address: Gangwon State Cheolwon-Gun Galmal-Up Galmal-Ro 32-30 / Tel: 033-4529-808 / Fax
: 033-4529-809
  1. 01Crossing the Amsa Bridge from the Olympic Expressway, Or go straight to the Guri-city side of the riverside north road.
  2. 02Enter Sejong-Pocheon Expressway, 43km straight to Shinbuk IC, After passing through the Shinbuk IC, enter Route 43 and go straight for 6km.
  3. 03Pass the three-way Mansegyo street and go straight for 5km to Route 37.
  4. 04Pass the 38th Line Rest Area and go straight 14km to Route 43.
  5. 05At the three-way Yeonbongjae street, go straight to the left side of Cheolwon Sports Complex 3km.
  6. 06After turning left at Guntan intersection to Galmal agricultural complex, crossing the bridge and turning right at the first three distance, If you go straight 300m, you will arrive at Glami headquarters.

If you have trouble to find the direction please feel free to call us then we will help you to fine the destination.

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