Invention Treasure Warehouse

  • Daepyeong Nam Jong-hyun’s invention treasure warehouse was established by Dr. Nam Jong-hyun, the founder of the invention patent company GLAMI, for the dreamer of invention. Nam Jong-hyun’s invention history museum was opened in 2009 to confirm the success story with the eyes and give visitors the dream and hope that “I can do it, too. It was reopened as the treasure trove of Nam Jong-hyun’s invention in 2020, and the welcome hall displays ten years of trophies including the 34th Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, the 43rd Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, the World Invention Grand Prix and Doctor’s degrees (Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of health. Doctor of pharmacy).

  • The invention and overseas awards gallery shows the current status of the Korea GLAMI Award Youth Invention Idea Contest since 2002 and Daepyeong Nam Jong-hyun Invention Culture Awards hosted by Dr. Nam Jong-hyun since 2012. It is displayed focusing on the overseas activities and inventions of Dr. Nam Jong-hyun, who won the Grand Prix of the World’s Top 10 Invention Competition and became the World Invention King. Dr. Nam Jong-hyun received the silver prize for an invention called Yukhyang(The natural seasoning) at the 1994 Geneva International Invention Exhibition in Switzerland, and he won the world’s top 10 inventions in a row in the food and beverage sector including Damina 909 and Dawn 808. He also became the first Asian to win three gold medals including the world invention award at the Pittsburgh invention exhibition in the United States which is the most famous Invention exhibition in the world.

  • This is the place where domestic awards are displayed, and most trophies have been awarded for more than 10 consecutive years. There are Korea’s Nobel Prize, “Jang Youngsil Science and Culture Awards”. “Proud Korean Grand Prize and Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit.

  • Dr. Nam Jong-hyun provides scholarships for police children, fire fighters children and underprivileged youth(Elementary, middle, high school, college). He is also high-value donor of the Republic of Korea National Red Cross (RCHC, RCSV) and Community Chest of Korea(Cheorwon No. 1 Honor Society).

  • Visitors can take pictures with the world-class inventor, Dr. Daepyeong Nam Jong-hyun in this spot.

  • This is the space where the relics of Juk-ri Nam Tae-gi, the ancestor of Dr. Nam Jong-hyun, are displayed. The white porcelain in this room is of historical value as a keepsake that received an appraised value of 1 million dollars from KBS TV Show.(Genuine Article, Luxury Article Show).

  • This is the space where sharing and volunteer work sites are displayed. Dr. Nam Jong-hyun returns corporate profits to society to make mankind happy.

  • This is the place where people can watch the history of world-class invention company Glami.

  • This is the place where all the materials from the first patent in Korea since 1963. People can see the invention history of Korea in this gallery.

  • This is the place where 7 patented products are displayed. Dr. Nam Jong-hyun has the goal of realizing humanity’s dream of extending life, so he made 7 patented products through the numerous experiment such as the hangover solution drink Dawn808, premium hangover solution drink Dawn1004, good tea for health Grand Prix 737, healthy tea Damina909, antipyrotic Dendea, atopy treatment, treatment of cancer and hyperlipidemia treatment.
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